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Mafioso Comic - Digital Copy

Mafioso Comic - Digital Copy



In the gritty streets of a metropolis teeming with crime, five orphaned children— Max, Fatima, Reva, Kevin, and Sam—find an unexpected refuge under the wing of a notorious mobster they come to call Uncle Tony. Raised within the darkness of organized crime, they grow up as a tight-knit family, each child representing a different ethnicity.But as they mature, a desire for power and revenge takes hold. Discovering the truth about their own tragic pasts, the children's loyalty to Uncle Tony becomes unfractured with his demise from his own mafia family.


Driven by their shared pain and an unquenchable thirst for justice, they embark on a dangerous path, uniting their unique talents and abilities to forge a new age mafia family.As Uncle Tony's protégés, they redefine the underworld with a modern twist, embracing the shadows to protect their own and exact vengeance upon those who wronged them. Max becomes the mastermind behind their intricate schemes, Fatima manipulates with her charm and intellect, Reva mastery of disguise proves invaluable, Kevin wields cutting-edge technology and weaponry, and Sam’s martial arts prowess strikes fear into their enemies.Bound by their blood-soaked origins, they navigate treacherous alliances, heart-wrenching betrayals, and the constant threat of discovery by rival gangs and sydicates. In a city governed by corruption, their rise to power sparks a dangerous game of cat and mouse, drawing the attention of both law enforcement and those who seek to maintain the status quo.As they build their empire, tensions mount within the newfound mafia family. Balancing their desire for justice with the weight of their criminal deeds, they must confront their own morality and question the true cost of their vengeance.


Will they succumb to the darkness that raised them, or will they rise above, forging a legacy that defies the shadows that haunt them?"Mafioso" is a gripping narrative graphic novel that explores themes of loyalty, family, and the pursuit of redemption in a world where survival requires them to embrace their darkest instincts. Join Max, Fatima, Reva, Kevin, and Sam on a thrilling journey through the criminal underworld as they shape their destiny and create a new era of mafia dominance. This is for the Digital Copy. 


Created by Thug-Geek 

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