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Esuoh Prequel Comic  Variant Cover G - Hard Copy

Esuoh Prequel Comic Variant Cover G - Hard Copy


16 Years in the making comes the Prequel comic for the new graphic novel Esuoh. Witness an epic retelling of good vs evil, god vs lucifer and how it all started.  This is for the Hard Copy. Coming October


During this time of peace, unaware that the Seraphs and Shaitans have been mating on earth, G decided she wanted to create something that had the will to do whatever they wanted because she missed her dear ole entity L, thus he created Adam, and L created Lilith who also felt the same way about missing his dear ole entity G, in doing this both of them had lost most their powers and had to reverted back into simple trees of good and evil for the next millennium. Leaving the Seraph’s and Shaitan’s on watch until they recovered in what they called the garden of Eden.


Created by Thug-Geek 

Artwork by Alejo Curuchet

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