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DimSum Comics

DimSum Comics is a new comic book company that is breaking new ground in the world of Afrofuturism. The series features a cast of diverse characters who are inspired by all cultures, mythology and religions. The stories are full of action, adventure, and humor, and they explore themes of identity, culture, and community.

Afrofuturism is a genre of science fiction that explores the future of African people and cultures. It often features themes of technology, space travel, and social justice.

DimSum Comics is a unique contribution to the Afrofuturist genre, as it brings together Asian, Latin X, Native American and African cultures in a way that has never been done before.

The series I've created have been praised by critics for its innovative storytelling and its positive portrayal of culture characters. It has also been a hit with readers, who have responded to the series' humor, action, and positive messages. Thank You for being apart of the show T-G.

Witness an epic retelling of good vs evil, god vs lucifer and how it all started.


Set in the BioPunk world of Japatlien Come enjoy the chaotic world of bio-enhance humans, bounty hunters and killers in this an epic telling how ILL gets his name! 

In the bustling metropolis of Ark-City, where technology and innovation thrive, a new threat emerges from the shadows. "BB VS THE SWARM," written by Thug-Geek and illustrated by Francis Dave Ardan, thrusts readers into a high-stakes battle between the indomitable hero, BB, and a relentless horde known only as The Swarm!

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DimSum Comics Line Up

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