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The DimSum Crew are characters that represent the world of their creator T.Fields aka THUG-GEEK! Check out the Web Comic Today Click the Link Below!

DimSum Crew

Character Design 1-01.png



Chefy is the stoner gamer pig! He enjoys gaming with his fellow crew and smoking the best herb while doing it! 



Medusi is the stoner lofi producer! She enjoys smoking while creating amazing new music for the world to vibe too!

Chibi Medusa-01.png
Character Design 2-01.png


Introvert Gamer

Blaxky is a true introverted gamer. He enjoys being in his own gaming world and not the real world! Loves gaming with his fellow crews but that's it!

Oni Princess

Rage Gamer

Oni Princess is that true rager gamer! She enjoys raging out of newbs that dont cut it! But be careful if you beat her she will end you! 

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